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What do you make your magnets / ornaments / jewelry out of?

My magnets, ornaments, and jewelry are all primarily made out of glass.  A few of the ornaments styles are constructed from more durable plastic, which looks identical to glass bulbs once painted.  I use only hypo-allergenic materials for the hardware on my jewelry.

Can the magnets / ornaments / jewelry pieces be repaired?

All of my fluid art is unique, which usually makes repairing a broken or damaged item impossible.  A few of the earring styles are made from combinations of glitter, which can be replicated.

How heavy are the earrings?

My earrings are very light weight!  You will not even feel them on your ear.

How big are the earrings on the ear? What do they look like when worn?

The stud earrings come in three sizes: 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm.  Check back soon to see reference photos for a better idea of how they look in action!

Do you use hypo-allergenic / nickel free jewelry?

All of the hardware used with my jewelry is considered hypo-allergenic or nickel free.

Will your resin pieces turn yellow?

I use only the highest quality resin to ensure no yellowing will occur over time.

I have allergies to latex; would your art be safe for me?

No latex is used in the creation of my canvas art.

Can I get a duplicate of one of your magnets / ornaments / jewelry?

Ornaments and magnets are created using a fluid acrylic technique, which is impossible to replicate.  A few of the earring styles are made from combinations of glitter, which can be replicated.

The item I want is sold out; when will you have more?

Creating art is daily process for me — check back frequently for updates!

Do your items go on sale / do you offer discounts?

At this time I have no sales or discounts planned; however this may be subject to change.

Do you accept custom orders / requests?

I would be very interested to hear of any custom orders or requests!  Accepting requests might be subject to the specifics of the request or the workload I am balancing at the time of the request.

How long does an item take to arrive?

Packages are shipped within 24 hours of ordering by USPS First Class Mail.  Typically orders arrive within 3-5 days; however this may be longer depending on the destination location.

Custom orders may take longer to ship.  At the time of the order, I will communicate with the customer regarding when they can expect their item to be complete and ready to ship.

Do you ship internationally?

Although it is a future goal of mine to ship my artwork internationally, at this time I can only accommodate orders from within the United States.

Do you accept returns?

All sales are considered final.  If your item is damaged in any way in transit, however, please contact me immediately for a refund or, if possible, a replacement.